historic stat graphs

Are the graphs just in the pro version?

If it’s in gpl, is there a setting somewhere that I need to set to use them?


Hi Chris,

Yeah, the Pro version has a System Statistics link on the bottom-left when you log into Virtualmin.

You can see it in action by logging into the Demo (link below).

In the GPL version, you can still view the bandwidth graphs in System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring.

They’ll probably start to trickle down to GPL before too long, as some newer system analytics tools make it into Professional over the next couple of months.

Ok, thank you. I am loving 3.69 btw, that greylisting is great!

Joe, any idea when this will show up in the GPL version? When I test drove the demo this is one of the features that made me choose Virtualmin, but I didnt realize it was only in the Pro version. Thanks.

It’ll be a couple more revisions, I think. So, maybe another month or two. It’s a pretty big bundle of code, and will require some work (and we’d like to have some new functionality in Professional to keep some commercial advantage in the Professional version).