Hints for Renaming Servers

I did my first Virtual/Webmin setup by creating a server destined to mirror a longstanding system, with the idea that I would rename it just before going live.
The rename function works amazingly well.

However, it is not perfect! A few additional steps may be needed.

  1. First, plan the change: you will need to search for the old name after the renaming. That would be tough if the new name is a superset of the old (eg going from Server to NewServer – searching for Server will get old and new!)
  2. After the rename, search for files and file contents with the old name:
    find / -name *oldname*
    grep -aR oldname /etc
    and grep in /var and /usr and maybe /home

Whatever you find may need some tweaking.
3. Then there are the truly obscure things. So far, I have one in this category:
* In Webmin->System->Cron Jobs is an awstats nightly job. It is not updated by renaming.


We rename domains all the time without any of those issues.

I am sure it depends on what modules/packages are installed or in use, and the specific sequence of prior config decisions and changes. :cowboy_hat_face:


Not sure I follow, “Renaming” is a built-in feature of Virtualmin. So unless we’re talking apples and oranges, it should work fine out of the box. But I suppose you may have a point, if you’ve been doing some serious modding of the system (which from other threads sounds like it’s highly possible) perhaps you may have unintentionally introduced a problem.

I did the renaming before any modding… unless the following are modding?

  • webmin->bootup/shutdown: turned off local bind, turned on mariadb/mysql
  • both webmin and virtualmin: added virtual server users, configured email, dovecot, dkim

I did all the basics, then renamed. Then started debugging. The rename had mostly-worked as noted. Primarily I saw artifacts in log files, etc. The last one I’ve fixed is a daily error email from awstats… hadn’t touched the configuration, yet the built-in cron job had a now-bad parameter due to the rename.

(Rename was not even close to my big challenge… solving other aspects of email was far more significant/urgent :cowboy_hat_face: )

Weird, very weird

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