Himagain... cant get etc/skel to post default page

Hi people,
VMIN on Fedora5:
can’t get default page to display across all the domains.
(like Cpanel) have looked it up and info seems right:

  1. uploaded to etc/skel
  2. THINK I gor the default selection right

Also - how do you upload multiple files in a batch, or dirs, ex webmin?

However there is no default html dir in a FTP display - seems like another setting/permission needed?


Hey John,

Yes, /etc/skel is the default home skeleton for domains. Dropping an index.html file into /etc/skel/public_html ought to do what you’re after.

Also - how do you upload multiple files in a batch, or dirs, ex webmin?

There’s not really a way to batch upload using a web browser (limitation of the browser, not much we can do about it).

Webmin has a File Upload and Download module, which allows you to select several files for upload to the server. You can find it in the Others category after clicking the “Webmin” link in the lefthand menu. Then just use the Browse button in the “Upload files to server” section. This module does not support multi-selected or directory uploads (because the browser doesn’t).

You can also upload files using the File Manager, also in the Others category, which provides an old (3.1 style, before it got all browser-y on us) Windows Explorer style view. Just find where you want to put files by clicking down the directory tree to it, and click the Upload button. Again, multi-select isn’t possible, because it has to use the browser file selector, once again.

In both cases, Webmin kicks cPanel’s ass. :wink:

I recommend an FTP over SSH client, like WinSCP. It’s got all of the niceties of an FTP server, but is secure (no plain text passwords) and faster than FTP (because the SCP protocol supports compression).

However there is no default html dir in a FTP display - seems like another setting/permission needed?

What user are you using to login? The domain owner user is the only user that ought to log right into the /home/domainname directory, which contains public_html (which is the default html directory). The users you create within the domain will find themselves in /home/domainname/homes/username, which doesn’t have a public_html, unless you configure them to.

Again, using SSH for your file transfer needs is what all the cool kids are doing. FTP is, of course, supported, and I know it’s hard to train customers out of using what they’re used to, and there is some confusion in the world about what SFTP means (it can mean one of two incompatible protocols, so I always say FTP over SSH or I call it FISH, rather than SFTP); but SSH is good for you. Heck, your FTP client might even already support working over SSH. :wink:

I should have said that the default index.html IS showing up in the client directories per se, but not under a browser. It still gives a dir default listing.

BTW: registerfly.com is having some amazing sales at the moment on domains …
(I’m thinking of buying more doms just 4 the fun of installing them via Vmin :slight_smile: )

Hi people,
I’ve followed Joe’s comments about file types in uploads and redone and checked the Server.

  1. Even in Webmin I can display the index file ok.
  2. I reloaded and can auto display only the manually uploaded files to[a href="http://fablor.net">fablor.net</a> (proving all work ok for display)
  3. Fablor net is fine,[a href="http://fablor.com">fablor.com</a> still only has default dir.

It isn’t a big deal - but it is something wrong…??


Hi People,
He is getting there… albeit VERY slowly… :-}

For the benefit of other REAL Newbies I am going to write this adventure up in a logical evolution as soon as I know/understand what I had to do…
THanks Joe,
Gave up on the internal method and went to good ol’ CuteFTPPro.
Elected SFTP and N.B.: did not specify a landing directory.
worked fine as the root user and I was able to move up and down the tree ok.
HOWEVER - the install of the default display ( works fine here: http://www.fablor.com ) manually posted, but does not carry over to the other domains, i.e. http://fablor.net as a default display.

I am also trying to kick the Windowze habit and looking for a good replacement for CuteFTP in Linux - any suggestions?


Hi John,

Check your document root directory path in Apache. THe browser should never take you to your icons directly.

In regard to your initial question I create a newserver startup page in a directory (because I have a couple varieties depending on the server template) in the way of /etc/skel/newindex1 or 2 or 3 etc. In the newindex folder create a public_html folder where you put all your goodies including index.html, if you don’t put it in a public_html directory it may just dump it in the root directory.

For a little bonus don’t forget the ${DOM} to insert the server domain into the welcome page like

we’ve created your new server ${DOM} now have fun!!