High Memory Useage

Operating system:
debian 10.7
OS version:


i have an dedicated Server. Webmin/Virtualmin runs out of Memory with 32 GB of RAM. Then i can´t reach the Server. how can i increase the Memoryusage?

First of all, which Java process are you running?
Not a default Webmin process AFAIK.

Secondly, you’re running Docker on the server also. Sure that it’s not Docker that’s the culprit?

Are you moving a lot of big files around? If so, restart when you’re done. If you upload a boatload of big files at once it will keep a lot of that in memory for quite a while.

I had a similar issue when I set up a plex server. I uploaded about 30 gigs of music to it and all my memory maxed out. Restarted the server and it’s been fine ever since. Same thing happened after I uploaded videos and pictures. For some reason both virtual and ram love to hold on to that for a while. I’m yet to figure out why.


Thanks for reply. It was Mastodon and Elasticsearch. After the last hardreboot my databases are corrupt.

Let’s set it up again.

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Virtualmin/Webmin are nowhere in that list of largest processes. So, why say “Webmin/Virtualmin runs out of memory”?

Java and MySQL are your biggest processes, so that’s where I’d look first, but you also have big dockers, and your Apache process is very big…you must have some additional modules enabled beyond what we enable on installation.

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