HIGH memory usage 100%

OS type and version Ubunru 18.04.6
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version 6.17-3

server with 4GB memory

Guys, I have super high mem use
I have SCANAV installed on each domain, and also virusscan - this was making my mem to be ~50%
but the issue seems to be PHP7.2 or PHP7.3 is leaving files open ? see attached pic, there are hundreds of PHP7.3 PID with ~550MB use!
how can i find why they are open ?
my sites use a lot of graphics, so assuming it is the bootstrap handler for the images ?


I found a short-term fix, changed from FAST CGI to CGI,
its all my websites with large images, seems to leave open a FCGI for each one, which stays open, and easts memory
I switch all but one website to CGI, and the memory has gone way down, and I’m not seeing any slower response on the sites either…
so no idea why PHP7.3 eats so much memory for each picture for bootstrap websites?


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