Hiding "logs and reports"


i want to hide those menu entry (“Logs and reports” > “View …”) for some users.

Only the administrators (“root”, …) should be able to open the reports.



The logs that show up in that particular menu entry should just be data relating to that specific Virtual Server – access and error logs for that domain, mail logs for that domain, webalizer stats, bandwidth usage, and so forth.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to disable access to it, but most of the information there is important to domain owners, and is also available via other means too… for example, those access and error logs are also placed in $HOME/logs. The bandwidth usage can be seen by going into “Edit Virtual Server”, just without the graphs. And webalizer can be access directly by going to http://domain.tld/stats/.

Is there anything in particular within that menu that you’re trying to prevent a domain owner from being able to see?


Hey Eric,

thanks for your reply.

The only thing we want to disable ist the “report” (last entry within the submenu “Logs and Reports”).
We want to offer our customers an own report because now we get more questions regarding the current report than something else. Most of our customers are private friends who do not have the technical background to understand things like “keywords”, “hidden access”, …



Hmm, I don’t have an entry named “report”. Do you by chance mean the one labeled “Webalizer Report”?

If so, I believe you could remove that entry by disabling the “Webalizer Reporting Enabled” feature for that domain. You can do that by going into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features, and unchecking the Webalizer feature.



ok - then you’re using WebAlizer, we use AwStats - but the system should be the same.

When i disable the reporting-feature i can’t use it by myself …



You can disable the feature for specific Virtual Servers (by going into Edit Virtual Server), rather than disabling it on the entire server.

So, it can be disabled for one domain, and enabled for another.

However, if you need to leave the feature enabled for all Virtual Servers – it’s unfortunately not possible to not display that entry under Logs and Reports. Virtualmin doesn’t offer that level of fine-grained control.

The only option is whether or not that feature is enabled within the Virtual Server.