Hide server name in virutal domains


the name of the server is root.tld, the virtual domain is virtual.tld.

If I enter http://admin.virtual.tld:10000, I receive the error message “Error - Bad Request
This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://root.tld:10000/ instead.”

If the login succeeds, the page title says “Virtualmin 3.86 on root.tld (Linux V42)”.

I would like to hide name of my main server and also the Linux version. Are there any options, which I could change to achieve this?


Mmm, I don’t believe there’s a way to configure that.

Virtualmin was actually designed to be accessed on one domain – typically the primary domain of the server. So, rather than accessing admin.virtual.tld:10000, it’s assumed that you’d access admin.virtual.tld, and have it redirect to https://yourhost.domain.tld.

However, note that those items aren’t usually a secret… you can usually determine the distro and version by connecting to some of the services that are running, such as SSH, Apache, and Postfix, and looking at their banners.

Also, one can usually look up the reverse DNS of your server’s primary IP to get it’s hostname, if you’ve setup reverse DNS.

Or, anyone with permission to upload something to your server can upload a PHP script that obtains your systems hostname.

So, those items aren’t really secret, and that information is available in a number of other ways :slight_smile:



I also do know hundreds of ways to get hold of domain and operating system information, but security by obfuscation is only one reason why I would like to hide the server name.

The other reason are some of my “dumb a** users”, who instantly call the hotline when something appears on their screen, which doesn’t meet their expectations - and the name of a “wrong server” is certainly one reason, which will make them call and keep support staff uselessly busy. :slight_smile:

And although I am aware of the fact that we cannot get over certain limitations that come with the usage of Apache etc, I thought it might be at least a nice idea to put some effort into thinking of a solution or workaround, which would leverage the user experience with Virtualmin. :slight_smile: