Hide menu entries

Can someone explain me how to hide menu entries for users when there is no function to hide it from the module itself?

I read that I must edit the template, but how? (Ex. I want to hide the Analytics Configuration entry)


What i want to do:

Hide AWstats Configuration, Analytics Accounts

Add View Piwik (Custom Link) The website with the module from Venon is down :frowning:

eventually hide Change Password, Excluded Directories

Please, I need you help.


Is there no way I can hide menu entries?

Does someone have the Custom Link Module 1.5 by Venon Spangler?

The “Custom Links” should be available in System Customization -> Custom Links.

As far as removing links goes – I know of no way to do that. You’ll probably have to either edit the HTML directly, or make your own theme.

As for how to do that – I’m really not sure :slight_smile:

You’d probably want to look at the files in $WEBMIN_HOME/virtual-server-theme, figure out which contain the links you no longer want, and work from there.


The thing in System Customizaion is calles Custom Field, but it does not what I want.