Help with setting up and email server

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Virtualmin version 7.7 pro
hello can anyone help me with seetting up and email server or service on my server i have postfix and dovecot installed

They setup by default, both should work

yes they are working i can send emails to my gmail account

If it get to gmail, then that a good test.

you do need to add a dmarc record

yes i can send emails to gmail but cant send emails for gmail to my email server

does it bounce back?

no it does nothing i dont even get any notification too

it has to go somewhere, check spam folder

this my dns setting on namecheap

MX record is what gmail uses, it would bounce if that was wrong

MX=mail exchange

Don’t worry about dns settings, like i said the mail would bounce if that was wrong

ok so what do i need to do

look in you servers mail logs. You need to know log files if your going to run a server.

ok i will do that now

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