Help with setting up a File Server for afile backup service


I have been tasked to setup a file backup up service immediately.

(1) I have found the server and it is has been set up with CentOS 5 and Virtualmin nothing else.

(2) I have purchased a domain name and set it to point to the file server.

(3) I have purchased a remote backup software which sets up username and password and is fixed to the domain name. The username is the client’s email address.

I need help on how to set the server so each client will be directed to their folder or virtual folder.

I need help to automate the sign up of a new client.

I am a database programmer who has 7 years of PHP and MySQL so I do understand computer terms. However, I have not dealt with the server as a remote file backup system before now. I also know very little about CentOS 5 64, which my server is.

Can someone direct me to the documentation links to get me on the correct path.

I have found the and the command line API.

Thank you.

there is a backup feature in virtualmin - Backup and Restore and the client can choose to backup through ftp/ssh with scheduled backups.
On the fileserver you would need to create the users so they can make use of this.
It may be wise to install webmin gpl on the fileserver and register it under webmin - webmin - Webmin Servers Index.
Then under Webmin - Cluster - Cluster Users and Groups you should be able to sync users and groups

Under virtualmin - System settings - module config, actions upon server and user creation, there is a line: Command to run after making changes to a server
You can probably use that to create the user on the fileserver for new clients if installing webmin on the fileserver is no option.

Hello Ronald

First of all thank you for responding.

When I looked into your suggestions, it became apparent that you have misunderstood my problem. You suggested to use the “backup feature in virtualmin”. However when I researched that area I found that the backup and restore feature is to backup and restore the virtual servers that reside on my server. This is not what I wish to accomplish.

What I am providing is an online backup service like This would allow our clients to go to our server and backup files from their computer on to our server in a private folder based on a username and password.

Since I am not familar with virtualmin I need to know how to direct the client to their folder so they can place the files they wish to upload in their folder on our server based on their username and password.

Thank you.

I don’t think your question is virtualmin specific. You’d be better off asking at experts exchange. If you aren’t backing up virtualmin vhosts, or even using vhosts, then you don’t even need to be using virtualmin for this.

Are you wanting to give them FTP usernames and passwords?

Note: I am not staff.

If I understand correctly, the centos with virtualmin will be the fileserver? You do not have 2 servers that need to talk to each other?

You can still use some features. you could set up clients as FTP user and give them /bin/sh shell so they can use ssh and sftp.
They can connect from their home PC with winscp or ssh and transfer their files to your server.
When creating users you can give them access to their specific “Website subdirectory”

The easiest though is to add them to your server by giving them a sub-server created as a top level server.
This way you can create 1 or more specific templates and account plans. The client can then create users/admins if he so wishes.

Creating the sub-servers as top level servers is crucial as only then they will have their own environment separate from other users as in shared hosting.

The software you have bought for the fileserver should have some options as well…It may work side-to-side with virtualmin