Help with Second Domain


So I’ve been using CPANEL and WHM for years but recently wanted to try running my own VPS so I got Virtualmin up and running. I have about 45 domains running on a shared reseller hosting account and want to move a couple over.

I set up my first domain (personal domain) and it works great!

Today, I tried to set up a second domain on there and thought I had it ready to go but the domain just forwarded to my initial domain.

Couple questions:

I want to set this up as another top-level server right? And not a subserver? While I will have instances where I need to grant access to other people this is not one of them…but I’d like the option to keep it separate from mine. How should I do this? (I looked lightly at documentation and didn’t find anything definitive but possible I missed it)

Did I set up my initial correctly?

I’m not a linux guy but getting there. My Virtual Memory pegs at 99% all the time. I’ve read that this is both normal and not normal.

Thanks and apologies for the stupid questions.

If you want to seperate it, then you should create it as a top level virtual server.
And that high usage of the memory isnt that normal.

Ok, so that’s how I did it. Why then did my new domain redirect to my other one? Did I miss something somewhere or set up my initial dns poorly?

Either you configured a redirect by accident or you didnt properly manage the DNS part (its a guess without specifics).

So all I did on the DNS side is point the @ record at my shared IP.

What DNS do I need to manage on the Virtualmin side?

Usually its fine with the DNS if you set the A/AAAA record correctly.
It might be useful to set a SOA, MX and NS record.

Otherwise check the vhost files / webcp from virtualmin if there is something wrong.
Usually out of the box that behavior isnt normal.

On my Virtualmin installs, I’ve nearly always had to go edit the virtual hosts under webmin -> servers -> Apache so that every site is listening on the IP:80 and IP:443

Once this is done once it seems to not happen again

Otherwise it seems to always direct any site with SSL to one particular site on there

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