help with restore of LV based Guest

hello all

first at all i have no idea why the guest is not in the cloudmin configuration in anymore. wht is the current situation

i created a LV based Guest (50 GB) which i can see in the LV Management of webmin
mail_name_com_3_img and
in cloudmin in the menu manage disk i can see “LV mail_name_com_3_img” as

LVM volume group vg0
LVM logical volume mail_name_com_3_img

with 50 gb

under the disksnapshot i can see the snapshot

Snapshot ID 001

LVM volume group vg0
LVM logical volume
Logical volume size 10 GB
Current status % used

everything looks correct.

boot message
QEMU waiting for connection on: tcp:,server
qemu-kvm: -drive index=0,boot=on,media=disk,file=/dev/vg0/mail_name_com_3_im
g,if=virtio,cache=writethrough: could not open disk image /dev/vg0/mail_name
_com_3_img: No such file or directory
/etc/qemu-ifdown: could not launch network script
/etc/qemu-ifdown: could not launch network script

i have no idea how this could happen. i did something but i cant remember. how can i access the guest again (mail server prod).

if you need more information just let me know