Help with resolving my install issue I cannot access domain

It has taken me long searching on forums and seems not to get it right, I have webmin/virtualmin installed on Ubuntu 16.04 Lts on hyper-v and I am to access and only on Ubuntu !6.04 while on VM and not on Windows 10. Please guide me if remotely I will appreciate.


I just wanted to follow up to provide the community with some additional information in case someone is able to provide assistance.

We had discussed this issue in the support tracker with smallaxe, and we believe that the problem is that the server is behind a NAT router, and the ports need to be forwarded from the router to the server.

Secondly, it’s running on a Hyper-V installation on Windows – it may also require additional firewall or port forwarding setup within Hyper-V as well, though that’s not really within our area of expertise.