Help with pc build

Will any PC work with Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS?
I was thinking of using a mini PC.
Tower server?
How much memory?
Best CPU type?
What is a good hard drive?

Pretty much, yes.

I have one small test server that’s running on an 8 year old laptop with no issues.

@eduardoeltortuga anything run on Debian with 4 gigs of ram will work for you more then you need, on Ubuntu, meh perhaps I don’t know what to say. Stay close to source as much you can, Ubuntu is nasty derivate of Debian, so I would not suggest it, but choice is yours, specs you are asking here should be more then good.

Over 56,000,000 people use it. It’s the most used distro of Linux now as it passed Debian last year. But yeah. Whatever.

CPU brand doesn’t really matter. Intel is probably the slightly better value right.

RAM… depends on what you want to do with the server. To host your own domain, 4GB should be fine. To host a hundred or a thousand domains, not so much.

Form factor depends on the environment. It makes no performance difference.

Drive type depends on the interface. For NVMe, I like Crucial P5. For SATA SSD, the Crucial MX-500 has been reliable. For HDD, I’ve yet to have a Seagate IronWolf Pro die on me. YMMV.

As for Ubuntu Server, I fail to understand why it’s any better than Debian. For desktop, okay, if you want all the extra shit it comes with. But no one’s been able to explain to me why Ubuntu Server is any better than Debian. But to each their own.


It isn’t. They’re both Linux. The only real difference is that Ubuntu carries a lot of extra baggage updates that 90% of the time aren’t relevant to what you’re doing.

But to say Ubuntu is some sort of worthless bastard child of Debian when it is in fact the most used Linux distro on planet earth is more than a bit ridiculous.

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That’s my take, as well. I’ve installed various versions of Ubuntu Desktop for people who wanted to “try Linux” because it’s a reasonably-stable, well-supported, Debian-derived distro with enough toys to keep most people happy. I personally like leaner installations that have only what I need installed; but if I don’t know the user’s interests, Ubuntu Desktop makes sense.

But on a server? Nah. Keep it lean and mean.


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Thanks to everyone for all your help! Great forum.

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