Help with alias redirection / previewing website

Hello people.
I am rather new to Virtualmin, and I have a problem that can’t sort out.

I want to preview new website for a client on a domain created in Virtualmin. I created an alias of a website under my development domain, added DNS records on Cloudflare, but when I visit alias/maindomain I got redirected to old website, currently hosted on another server (DNS records of client’s domain point out to that server).

Domain is and alias is

Do you have any suggestion?

Did you try it in a private window / other browser? Its possible that the redirect is cached.

Yes, I tried clearing cache and cookies, even let 48 hrs pass, so I am sure that DNS propagation did its magic.

When I check Preview website for alias domain, I got 302 and “The document has moved here.” message.

I guess the redirection / alias configuration seems to be wrong then.

Under Server Templates / Apache Website / Create alias website by it’s selected Adding ServerAlias to parent. Should I try different options?

Does the alias domain point to the correct real domain?
If you set it up via the virtualmin interface, it should work out of the box.
Its possible that either one of the settings with CF is wrong or the alias points to the “wrong” domain.

I just realized the problem. I set tu website as SSL website, and alias redirection didn’t work. Then I deleted virtual server, and created it, but not checking SSL website option, and alias redirection worked.

Thank you for your time and another point of view

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