Help to set up a simple web server

Hello everyone, I’m new to Virtualmin GPL and I have some doubts that I would like to ask.

I would like to host multiple domains under the same user, by creating different “virtual servers” forces me to create a user at a time. I want is that when an user access by ftp to see all their domains inside.

I have seen that when creating the virtual server will generate a lot of folders in the user’s path, most I do not need, where I can configure it to display the minimum necessary? The ftp access I would like to go straight to / public_html

Also I’ve noticed that generates all mail services associated with the domain, I do not need, the I manage another site, there would be way to disable this option?

I just need the web server and mysql … as simple as possible.

Thanks, I hope your help.


Simply setup one “top-level server”, then setup multiple “sub-servers”.

This in a default installation will create a directory tree like: => /home/username => /home/username/domains/ => /home/username/domains/

Hope this helps!


Hi, thanks first of all.

is it possible to create a ftp user that only can see and write at these directories:



In this way the user would have only ftp access to the web server directory


You can have an FTP user that can only write to the public_html folder – but one FTP user can only be assigned to one public_html folder.

So in your example above, you can do that, but you would need 3 FTP users.

To do that, first go into Limits and Validation -> FTP Directory Restrictions, and make sure that the default restriction there is marked “Active”.

Once it’s active and you’ve hit ‘Save’, go into Edit Users, and click “Add a website FTP access user”, which will create an FTP user that can only access the public_html folder for that domain.


Hi Eric,

I will try to do this: I will create a user “user1” and directory “/ home/user1”. Within this directory I create different directories “/ home/user1/”, “/ home/user1/”, “/ home/user1/”.

After this I will “create virtual host” in webmin for each domain:,, in each directory that I described above.

I think this way I can share the same user for all domains.

Is this correct? What advice you can give me also?

Thanks for everything


You don’t normally need to create all those directories first.

What you would typically do is create all your domains within Virtualmin – then go into Edit Users, and create the users that you want to use for accessing your website. When you create the users, choose the “Website FTP Access User” on the right after clicking “Edit Users”.


Thank you for your answer.

As you tell me what you do is create some users to access websites.

What I do is that a single user to access different folders, each folder corresponds to a website.

Added in error- sorry