Help to configure my first virtual server


I am testing a cloud server (Centos 6.6) I want to to use to host different virtual domains.

I’ve installed Virtualmin 4.12.gpl and I created my first Virtual Server.

The problem is: how my new virtaul server will be visible on the internet?

Should I configure my personal DNS?

Is there a detailed guide (“for dummies” :slight_smile: ) that covers the complete creation of a virtual server?



How you handle your DNS is personal preference.

You are welcome to use a third party DNS provider (many people use their domain name registrar). If you do that, you’d need to create your DNS records there, and have them point to your IP address.

Alternatively, you could setup your own server to act as a nameserver for your domains. That requires some more up front work, but makes creating Virtual Servers easier, as Virtualmin can then handle creating all your DNS records for you.

There is some info on setting up your server as a nameserver here in the section “How do I setup nameservers for my server”:

Hi Andreycheck,

thanks for your prompt asnwer. I had already followed the faq but after rereading it I found out the solution.




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