Help on CPanel migration

I just installed Virtualmin and had my Cpanel run a full forced backup (which Virtualmin is replacing).
The Cpanel backup is not a tar.gz file, it was 2 directorys called dirs and files … within those directories are more tar files. So I tarred both the folders into one tar file and ftp’d the tar file off the server.

When trying to use migrate, loaded up the tar file but it keeps coming back with:
validation failed : Not a cPanel daily or home directory backup file

Any ideas?


Hmm, are there perhaps other types of cPanel backups?

Normally, there is a .tar.gz file that contains the full cPanel backup for one particular domain.


I thought there should be … maybe the backup settings were messed up. I’ve gone through the tar files inside these 2 directories and don’t see any tar files which jump out as a location for domains to be stored.
Oh well … starting from scratch I guess.