Help on 32bit sys without any VT

Firstly i am very new to VM’s in general so i appologies for any dumb ass questions.

I have installed the GPL version and i am having problems with the running of VM’s

I read earlier in the forum that cloudmin should work ok without any VT.

I am running on a Dell 2650 box with 4x 3200 32bit Xeon CPU’s and 8Gig of ram

I installed Cloudmin ok and have attempted to create a VM - but when the machine is built i get errors as the host is down.

More info
System type Xen
Last status Down
Detailed status error Xen instance is down
Xen virtualization type PV (Paravirtualization) (is this what i should be using???)

Host system’s kernel Linux version 2.6.18-194.17.1.el5xen for i686

… failed : Using config file “/xen/xen.cfg”. Error: HVM guest support is unavailable: is VT/AMD-V supported by your CPU and enabled in your BIOS?

I have googled the last error above and found that all the results i looked at were that VT was not enabled in the bios of the machines running the host systems.

Any help appreciated