Help - New Virtualmin user (some questions)

Hi All,

I am a new Virtualmin user - I have however used cPanel for around 7 years. I am a fairly new Rails developer so have some Unix experience, but I have never administered a Linux webserver (without cPanel) before. I am running CentOS.

I started off installing Webmin, but found that I really needed something more like Virtualmin, so after an OS reload successfully installed it - it was much easier than I thought! However, I seem to be having problems setting everything else up - maybe I am too used to the cPanel way, but in my defense I have spent a few days reading as much as I can about Virtualmin… but am still a little stuck - hope someone can help!

(Edit: thought it worth adding that I have successfully configured nameservers, created my first virtual server and uploaded the html files - so is resolving ok - but am currently stuck on email…)


What is the incoming mail server that I put into my email client? ?
My email client says it is not responding, and if I telnet 25, it says:

Notice the two lines saying mydomain is .net, when it should actually be .org (have I incorrectly set that somehow?)

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong? Also, does not work. My firewall settings are as below:

Accept	If input interface is lo		
Accept	If protocol is ICMP and ICMP type is any		
Accept	If protocol is ESP		
Accept	If protocol is AH		
Accept	If protocol is UDP and destination is and destination port is 5353		
Accept	If protocol is UDP and destination port is 631		
Accept	If protocol is TCP and destination port is 631		
Accept	If state of connection is RELATED,ESTABLISHED		
Accept	If protocol is TCP and destination port is 22 and state of connection is NEW		
Accept	If protocol is TCP and destination port is 25 and state of connection is NEW		
Accept	If protocol is TCP and destination port is 80 and state of connection is NEW		
Accept	If protocol is TCP and destination port is 443 and state of connection is NEW

Does that look ok?


Is there anyway to use the email address as the username? I don’t mind the default.username system but am thinking about conflicts if there are two domains but with different tlds, eg, and (and they both have info@ emails).


It’s great to see so many guides here :slight_smile: but I’m finding it difficult knowing which order to follow them.

It would be great if they could be ordered in a list so they effectively become a start to finish of configuring or setting up your server - as a webserver (which is what I imagine most people will be needing?):

  • Installing Virtualmin
  • Configuring security/firewall
  • Setting up your nameservers
  • Creating the first/master account
  • Setting up SFTP - to upload files
  • Setting up email accounts
  • Configuring email on client
  • Anything else required as a bare minimum
  • Then everything else as a manual that people can did in and out for

I think a fool-proof getting started guide like this will benefit Virtualmin a great deal, as more and more people will be likely to give it a shot - I know that I was a little apprehensive myself, having got used to how easy cPanel is to set-up.

Anyway, as you can see I talk too much so will leave it here for now! But am happy to provide more feedback if it may be of use/interest to the team.

Thanks in advance for any help.


For your mail server – you’d just need to use a domain name that resolves to an IP that’s on your server. It shouldn’t matter, outside of that.

Is your email client configured to use port 25? Or is it using an encrypted port, 465 or 587?

As far as the domain name you see when connecting to Postfix – that’s just your hostname (or perhaps mailname), and that shouldn’t matter… that’s not related to the problem you’re seeing there.


Hi Eric

Thanks for the reply.

I think the problem may have been a DNS issue, as I could only go to the site intermittently - sometimes the domain would resolve sometimes it wouldn’t.

I noticed that the server company set my hostname ending in .net, when it should have been .org (it was actually my fault as I entered the wrong information when I ordered the server) and because ‘dig’ kept showing me .net as the name servers, I thought I had entered the wrong info while setting up virtualmin - so I uninstalled Vmin and then reinstalled it - so perhaps that added to the problems as well. I’ve asked the server company to reload the OS for me and I will start again tomorrow.

Re the mail issue, I think my email client (Apple Mail) is using port 995 with ssl ticked - is that right?

I will report back once I have re-installed Virtualmin… I was actually feeling like throwing in the towel and just order another cPanel license, but after spending more time with VM I am liking it! …I just hope I can get it to work :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the reply.


If you suspect a DNS issue, you may want to try running your domain name through, which will give you a DNS report. It’s a great tool for identifying DNS related problems.

Re the mail issue, I think my email client (Apple Mail) is using port 995 with ssl ticked - is that right?

Well, port 995 would be how the client checks email – that’s POP3 over SSL.

Which ever ports it’s configured to use for sending mail and receiving mail – you’d want to make sure that those ports are open in your firewall. It didn’t look like port 995 was one of the ports that’s opened.

You don’t many many ports allowed there – you might consider disabling your firewall, just until things are working. Once everything is working, perhaps then you could enable your firewall, which would make it simpler to troubleshoot.