Help me with subserver/subdomain config


I haven’t used Virtualmin that much, but so far everything works great, easy to understand and config.

The thing is I have 10 domains, these domains nameservers is not pointing to my webserver, I administer all my domains at a different place.

All domains have these A-record

A @ 111.222.333.444

A * 111.222.333.444

A www 111.222.333.444

(Not the real IP ofc)

So that works like a charm, I’ve created 10 virtual servers for my domains.

My main domain is

So if I type in I will be redirected to… if I don’t check “Website matches all sub-domains?” option, which will make point to

The thing is if I create a subserver called everything works as long as I haven’t checked “Website matches all sub-domains?”-option. then I can type in and enter that website. But if I type I will be redirected to

If I check “Website matches all sub-domains?”-option my subserver won’t work.

What I want is all non-existing subservers/subdomains to point to that domain. Example: points to domain3 because it doesn’t exist. will point to subserver because it exists in virtualmin.

Anyone following me so far? :slight_smile:

What have I missed or what do I need to change for it to work like this?