Help me get Virtualmin to server multiple websites

Hi there,

I am newbie to web hosting and i was wounding if you could help me with my set-up. I have 2 top level domains registered with [ddns] which is used to point to my Ubuntu 14.04 server at home. There is broadband router in between which does port forwarding. In my Ubuntu server there are Webmin and Virtualmin ready to server multiple websites. It is my need to have emails and ftp for each website that will be hosted. The thing is I managed to setup the first website but when it comes the second one I could not create a virtual server on the same ip address[privet] as the first one. any help or hint you can give me to have promised multiple web hosting capability that Virtualmin offers will be appreciated! :frowning:

I don’t think you’re getting any answers because you haven’t provided any errors for us to work with.

Virtualmin defaults to a configuration that works with multiple name-based websites. The fact that it isn’t working for you, is unusual, and would be indicative of a problem.

Are you, perhaps, trying to enable features that require additional IP addresses? (e.g. “Setup IP-based virtual FTP?”)

I am newbie to web hosting
I would suggest to first read all documentation you can find about webhosting in mean time a shared hosting should work for your 2 domains. If you want to “experiment” with Virtualmin then some cheap VPS will do the job and easy to find for few $/month. Problem with connection at home is many times your ISP will block some (many) ports if you dont pay for pro/business connection. So go to lowendbox site, find some good and cheap host (read comments of other people) and start learning.
Other solution would be to pay someone to do all the job for you.