HELP I fail to see the site HELP

Good morning to everyone is a new user and are beginners with webmin,
I installed on the server webmin and I login I am watching the video for helping but not me get to the server so I was wondering if you could help me understand how to access the server configuration thanks
( Excuse my English as are Italian and write in English with google translate )
For the log should I do with the server name and not root because I am not enter as root and then put the name of the server, but I did not do the same page in the guide is that I do not know where that is going to set the root server

This is the page that opens after I log:

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Just change to the Virtualmin theme. You’re looking at the normal Webmin theme.

Browse to Webmin:Webmin Configuration:Webmin Themes, and set it to Virtualmin Framed Theme. (If you didn’t use to install Virtualmin, you’ll need to install the theme…you can download it at

Ok, I downloaded and installed the theme that I have recommended now I will give some hints for setting the first thing I do?

That is, the steps to create a piece for a user and a website to install more than one website. So you ask a lot but I need to be addressed in order to understand how to move into the panel

I installed the theme that I have said but has remained as it was the first even though I selected the new theme has not changed

Why since I installed the package theme Theme Virtualmin not change me more if I select the topics any of the issues that I have always leaves me the same theme

Please give me a hand to understand what I have to do to start using the webmin