Help finding 'hidden' emails

Hi guys,

Firstly let me begin by saying that I’m a complete Virtualmin noob. In fact today is the first time I’ve ever used it - trying to help someone sort an issue out.

To be precise, a friend of mine transfered his site over from one host to another. After the transfer most things are working fine apart from some email issues. For some reason, a few specific mailboxes have lost all their emails. They’re basically receiving mail fine now, but any mail that was there before the transfer is gone and again, this is just for a few users, most of the other inboxes are still intact.

When viewing the user list, it shows that for these affected users, the ‘quota used’ is significantly higher than the ‘mail size’. Could it be that the mail is in fact not lost and is just ‘hidden’ somewhere? Or is the mail possibly gone and that quota used isn’t mail and is instead some other fails taking up space?

Again, please excuse my noobness.

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile: