Help Configuring Razor

I have been having trouble with spam lately, so I am trying to improve the spam detection on my server. I think I have Pyzor configured and working correctly. But I am having trouble with Razor. I followed the instructions that I found here:

However, when I try to check on the installation, I get these errors:

> razor-report Bootstrap Error: Your Razor2 identity was not found. If you haven't registered, please do so: "razor-admin -register -user=[name/email_address] -pass=[password]". (Further information can be found in the razor-admin(1) manpage) If you did register, please ensure your identity symlink (or file) is in order. : Unable to register without a valid razorhome or identity: Cannot read the identity file: identity

The funny thing is that I did register, and an identity was created. That makes me think that perhaps the problem is with the identity symlink. But I can’t find documentation that will help me fix it.

Do any of you have tips for troubleshooting this?