Help about sub-servers, don't have rights

Hi everybody

Sorry for my english, I’m french and I don’t speak english fluently.

I have got a problem with my sub-servers, I haven’t got the rights in writing, like here for example :

I have just reinstall my server.

If i try a another CMS, it’s the same thing. If I try in my domain directly, it works : (please, don’t install).

Could you help me ?

The rights are corrects, and the user is “1000” everytime :


In Virtualmin, if you select the “” domain, and then click Server Configuration -> Website Options, what is the “PHP Execution Mode” set to?



Thank you for your response. It’s set to Apache mod_php (run as Apache’s user)


Ah, try setting that to either FCGID or CGI, and then try installing your application again. That should resolve your issue.


Ho f#cking yeah ! It works perfectly ! Thank a lot ! You’re great ! Thank you !


In fact the problem is not resolved yet…

If i install pluxml, I can add an article (a file is created). If I add a comment, a file is created, but it’s empty (0 byte).
If I install wordpress, the installation works, but when it want to add “config.php” file, it’s created but it’s empty too…

Can you help me please ?