Hello i need serious help

Hello i changed default value from Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Advanced Options and set as /root because i was getting issue with Scheduling backup

now i have nothing in root directory, everthing disappeasrd

can any one help why this happend?


Just to verify, what option did you change in Advanced Options – was it the “Temporary files directory” option?


----- Temporary files directory

i put there as /root

all folders disapperad from root directory


Gotcha… yeah that option is looking for a temp directory to use.

It’s not expecting it to be a directory containing files you need, and will clean up files in that dir, since temp dirs typically only contain temp files.

In the future, you’d want to use something like /root/my_tmp_dir, rather /root.

I’ll talk to Joe and Jamie, to see if maybe there’s a way to add some additional sanity checks when selecting a directory that already contains files.

However, what you’re seeing there is currently the expected behavior, and there’s unfortunately no way to get those files/folders back, they’re all deleted – you’d need to restore those from a backup.