Having problems setting up the correct DNS settings

Good day, Please excuse my ignorance. I am new to virtualmin after 7 years with cpanel. I have created a new install vps with virtualmin. more than 7 times, in my ignorance It must be that I am entering the incorrect DNS settings. The problems I get: (1) I can never get a valid SSL cert with lets encrypt. (2) I can never change the namesevers of any of my domain names as I states no domain name servers set. (3) after about 3 days the VPS becomes unavailable so, I delete it and start again. I have been looking for some diagrams of what DNS settings I should use in both Virtualmin & my domain registrar. Please help?

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Hi @neilbiz

  1. By default VMin wants you to request Let’s Encrypt certificates for all of your virtual server’s domains … which include FQDN’s with the mail, autoconfig and autodiscover subdomains … I don’t know what those subdomains are, but it works for me if I ask for just the domain and the www subdomain.

I am also trying to have SSL Certificates for my domains, but looking at the DNS records shows I have 1 under the Certificate Authority category, but 0 under SSL Certificate.

And I cannot access the SSL version of my sites even. So there must be something I am doing wrong regarding DNS.

  1. Try going under Webmin > Servers > BIND DNS Server and clicking on the DNS zone you want to modify and the next pay will show you access to records, files and so on.

  2. That sounds super weird to me … but it such problem sounds likely to have a root on your VM software or configuration, not VMin …

Thank you very much. I will try what you recommended. If I have any further problems I do not wish to keep asking questions & bothering members. Worse case scenario, if all else fails. Pay someone.

Thank you again for your time

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