have docroot changeable in the virtualmin program itself!

I use suse 10, and to be quite honest it’s quite a job recompiling apache for it, it would be much easier it seems to me if you had an option to tell virtualmin where the docroot should be.

Hey Adam,

That would be dreamy. Go tell the Apache developers. :wink:

Seriously, this is a compiled in option in Apache. We can do nothing about it. We provide a rebuilt Apache with Virtualmin Professional, and as soon as I have more time, I’ll start maintaining the same packages for GPL users in a publically accessible repository…but that’s the best we can do.

So just to make sure Im clear on this, along with virtualmin, comes apache program too? Which apache version?

Hey Adam,

Yes, Virtualmin Professional installs a new Apache package. I rebuild the package that is provided by your OS, with the appropriate change of the suexec docroot option. Package policy is to always use the OS-provided package when possible. This is a policy of trusting our users to know what versions of software they want to run (i.e. if they want some other version they would choose a different distribution).