have all the virtual-host's name lenght in the folder /home/...

if I create a virtual-host site.com I have the folder /home/site
if I create site.biz I have /home/site.biz
if I create site1.biz I have /home/site1

so I have
folder domain
site (site.com)
site.biz (site.biz)
site1 (site1.biz)

so isn’t clear (for me; I prefeer to have the complete names)
same in the virtualmin menu’s List Virtual Servers page

is there a setting for this or is necessary to change some virtualmin’s file?

Yepp, there is:

Check out the settings in “System Settings / Virtualmin Configuration / Defauls for new domains”

“Home subdirectory”, “Include domain name in usernames?”, “Domain name style in username”

ok thanks
System Settings >Virtualmin Configuration>Defauls for new domains (this is above, is a select list; there area also next prev buttons)

I set

Home subdirectory

  • Automatic
    ->>> From template (can use $USER and $DOM)
    write $DOM in the box text

Good number of options that have this program; but for new users aren’t simple to found and use (so
think that many user choice others programs because are more usable or graphically better); really first impact not encourages

Yep, your configuration change is correct and should have the result you wanted.

And I agree that Virtualmin could do with an overhaul in terms of intuitive use. :slight_smile: It has a quite steep learning curve and needs quite some patience to go through all the options and see what they do.

On the other hand, it’s very difficult to make a control panel both as feature-rich as VM is, and intuitive to use.