Has my server been hacked? CPU usage 100% - did someone get access to my account?

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Welcome to the community, @bayzid .

Pls use the forum correctly to enable the community to help you. We need more information. Edit your message above to let us know which OS you are using and which version of Virtualmin you are using, etc.

Also use the title of your message as a title should be used - don’t enter your entire message as title. There is also a body area, use that accordingly.

Furthermore, there has been a very informative discussion very recently about hacked servers and what are the things which can be done to recover the server. Take advantage of the search feature to find previous messages and solutions related to the problem you are currently experiencing.

In case you need professional help, rather than the free help which the community offers, I would recommend you contact @tpnsolutions. He certainly knows his onions.

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It doesn’t have to be hacked to spike the cpu usage.

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