Has Christmas come very early?

Has someone goofed or have I missed an announcement over the last few months? Probably the latter but some how I am doubting it?

The thing being my VM GPL versions have all the install scripts?

Not sure if it’s this mornings update or not as I have been away from things for a month or so.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

A (big) mistake on my part. Pay no attention to the extra install scripts! I was in a rush because my battery was dying and there was no sun (I’m in an RV, and sometimes only have the power in my house batteries to work with). The packages have been replaced in the repo, and new versions will go out shortly that’ll fix some bugs found in that release, and also be newer than the one in the repo.

I hope we can trust folks to let them go away when the new package rolls out. It costs a fortune in time to maintain them, and we like to get paid a little to do so. :wink:

That said, Virtualmin 6 will include some additional install scripts. Not the full monty, but it’ll be a few of the more popular ones .We’re adding a couple of pretty major Pro-only features, so GPL gets some love, too (in addition to PHP-FPM which just rolled out). I’m also working on another project that’ll add more installers to GPL, and hopefully encourage more open source development of installers. Pro license revenue probably doesn’t actually cover the full cost of maintaining them all, so we’re hoping to offload some of that to volunteers (maybe people who maintain projects and want them to get wider exposure) and also make the tools for providing the installers more robust and easy to poke at by less technical users.

VirtualminGPL was fine without any additional installers so it would be great if you leave as it was before this mistake. GPL should go along with Pro for all the essential features but things like additional installer need to be Pro only.

OH YAY. Those darn scripts have now been yanked back. So wonderful to be neutered again.
But seriously, since most of them were trialware or required licenses anyway, why are they only for “pro”? You’d think your partnerships with these companies would help pay for GPL. No partnerships? That doesn’t seem like a well-thought out presentation. :frowning:

@AustinTX: Same thing with cPanel and softaculous or fantastico. A lot of scripts but if you carefully check each one of them you can split them in few groups:

  • Old, without security patches and just open invitation to hackers
  • Why this even exist?
  • Looks useful but isnt
  • Looks useful but i must pay
  • This one i can install by myself

How you can see no difference because all of them offer what is available and that is garbage. Only people who can find it useful are the one with small or no knowledge and they want a Wordpress to write about their dog/cat. But that is limited happiness because they never update the theme and plugins so pretty soon the WP gets hacked and their hosting account suspended.