Handling of MySQL Users in Virtualmin

I’m not too happy with the way MySQL users are handled. For starters, there is no mention of MySQL Accounts or users in the control panel on the customer’s side and on the admin side. So a customer has no clue that a default MySQL user even exists. This makes the MySQL Passwords section a little confusing to the end user.

Secondly, their is no obvious way to create new MySQL accounts. The end user has to magically know that to create a new MySQL account, they must create a new system user (after navigating through a mislabeled GUI) and use the hidden option to assign this user MySQL access (which creates the MYSQL user). The GUI it’s self is very misleading with the username box saying “Email Address” (same issue in the website FTP user section).

Third, why does a system account need to be created just to make a MySQL Account? Isn’t this a waste? and a potential security issue?

Is their a technical reason why it’s this way? or was it something that was overlooked and should be considered a bug?



Here’s a post from the past, which may shed some light on the topic for you both.


Generally speaking, you’ll get a better response to suggest a feature “addition” or “update” rather than simply putting down the way something has been implemented currently. Everyone has their own idea on how things should be implemented (myself included). As the above thread indicates, Joe did a usability test and found that this was the best way to implement things for the moment.

Bottom line, come up with a well thought out way of accomplishing the task better, without adding new obstacles, and Jamie/Joe will without question take it into consideration going forward. You’ll find they’re pretty easy going guys who definitely want to make things better.

*** I’ve written a number of ideas over the past few years which were later implemented due to a well drawn out idea, and a good argument why the feature was needed to be added, or adjusted. ***


Good for you peter! Hope that makes you feel proud :))

If re-read this post it’s actually just asking questions about the logic behind the system