Handeling SQL backups

I’ve got a question about Webmin and the sql module in temrs of database backups.
I’m gonna assume that the backup module will not backup actual Mysql users that have /need db access rights and passwords, right?
I’ve got a sanario, only but wanted to see what suggestions you folks have to insure this can be done.
Suppose you have 5 or more databases.
You run the backup module, generating sql files of those databases.
You download the backups off-site somewhere.
Then, you decide to restore the sql files, to maybe a new server, but let’s suppose for the sanario that the server uses maybe something else other htan webmin.
In this sanario, let’s just pretend that cPanel is used or any toher control panel you can imagine.
So, to avoid starting control panel discussions and all that type of thing on this thread, the question I would have after laying out that sanario, (regardless of whatever control panel that second server may have is):
Will the Sql files be enough to put on just about any server and have whatever websites that were workign work before?
Or do these sql files use special webmin specific formats, meaning they’re not generic etc.
What I’m trying to do is create a backup of the databases (wich I’ve done with the backup module) and hope to be able to use those sql dumps, regardless of whatever server/control panel combination is used.
Are the backups i’ve created enough?
What about the MySQL users themselves (who need to access the respective databases)?
Is there a way I can backup that stuff as well?
Or is this not possible.
I’d prefer to be able to take the db files and if necessary the user data, and be able to restore not only the dbs, but the actual users in sql that used them without needing to remember every single user account/password, wich I cannot recall off hand anyhow.
Any ideas are welcome!


Well, if you’re just using Webmin (Virtualmin handles this all for you when you perform a backup of your Virtual Servers) – the MySQL backups should indeed be generic. I believe they simply use mysqldump to generate them.

Also, the MySQL users are all part of the “mysql” database. So if you back that up, you should have all your users too.

Note though that different MySQL versions sometimes use slightly different syntax. So generating a MySQL backup on one server, using one particular MySQL version, may not work on a different server. That’s especially problematic when going to an older MySQL version.