Hack to install Rocky

I just posted in the support form I was going to modifyy it but cannot find it, so maybe it didn’t post…

I had to install Virutalmin on Rocky… Well I found a EAZY way… .

The install script reads /etc/redhat-release …
save it so you can put it back but for the install put the next line in it…

CentOS Linux release 8.5.2111

After the install put the old one back…
Work GREAT !!
just FYI …


OS type and version REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED
Related packages SUGGESTED

Thanks for posting this info.
Just as a check, do you know if the virtualmin install made any changes in:


As the repo’s for Rocky and Alma Linux are different than for CentOS 8.
So it is important that these remain pointing to Alma/Rocky and are not somehow set back to CentOS (EOL),



Or, you could grab the pre-beta installer from here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/virtualmin/virtualmin-install/master/virtualmin-install.sh

This is tested on Rocky and Alma. It definitely will not yet work on any Debian/Ubuntu, so don’t try it there (and don’t ask for help with it there).


Would with this pre-beta release if testing.

It also be possible to have “normal” updates so it could become in the end a normal not Beta version.
Or do you have to do the install fresh and clean , after the real released version?

Don’t know if i have time but asking for less important domains / 1 server/vps if doing some work if spare time, that time is spend well , and not to have todo new installs then afterwards.

Only short brain storming for myself, but maybe it could help if persons know they are testing beta / pre beta it could become stable release without doing new installation, but over “normal” updates.

I’m not asking folks to test (and I don’t yet need/want feedback). Just trying to save people time/hassle if they need Virtualmin on Alma or Rocky today, and are resorting to workarounds to get it.

There won’t be any path to go from this to the official Virtualmin 7 release, but it does use the Virtualmin 7 repositories, so no changes are needed. And, the only changes still coming are fewer packages by default, I think.

I see the Rocky default ones still in place, it added it’s virttualmin.repo

it is pulling from software.virtualmin.com/vm/6/centos/$releasever/$basearch/

yum update works from the command line. I haven’t seen the virtualmin try an update…
I hope that will have a real update out soon…


I trashed a server I have a lot of customers on… I moved them to a backup system, and now I need to
get them off the backup and back on the original hardware. It was Centos … but I can’t see putting an EOL distro on. So a clean install of Rocky, yum added wget and changed the file in the /etc folder and
it made the full lamp stack. ( Centso must have the /home/username folder chmod 755 for the new site so the LetsEncript part or the install.sh will fail, so let it add the site just not ssl, fix the /home and login to the :10000 and fix the ssl on the site and copy it to webmin and usermin… Your done… )

Thanks for the info. Good to know.

I followed a different path for Alma Linux.

I had an image with a clean CentOS 8.3 install.
Managed to update this via archive vault repo to CentOS 8.4.
Next updated it to CentOS 8.5 and installed VirtualMin on it.

The final step was to use the Alma Linux script to migrate from CentOS 8.5 to Alma Linux.

I ended up having a clean new machine with Alma Linux with VirtualMin 6 running smoothly.

That would have been backup…
install a old OS, update it. Install Virtualmin, then switch to something…

But… could backups be made on this ‘pre-beta’ version and restored to a shiny new VM7 installation once it’s officially released?

You won’t need to. The differences remaining will be quite small.

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