Gun metal color palette?

@Ilia any chance you could bring back the Gun metal style? The day mode one? I really can’t live without it :upside_down_face:


Ha-ha. Well, just use Dark Gray or Dim Gray? Gunmetal is specifically for night mode.

You can use Theme Extensions (for CSS/JS) to make it load for any other color though. Just play around with it. It’s doable.

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The easiest way is to open /etc/webmin/authentic-theme/settings-{username} and add/replace the following var:

settings_navigation_color = 'gunmetal';

Tried to use the grays man, no joy :rofl:

Well that was easy, thanks! I just have to modify it in all my hosts. That’s their true color!

Oh, my, oh my. :laughing: Enjoy, pal!

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