GUI-less Virtualmin...

I have been pondering the idea of setting up a GUI-less Virtualmin.

Basically, I’d like to build a custom frontend which uses Virtualmin’s powerful command-line API tools, while disabling the frontend.

What would be the best way of doing this?

*** This is part of an experiment I’m working on, and will not likely used in a production environment anytime soon. ***


Well, you’ll probably need to offer some more details as to what you’re after… however, there’s both the command line and web-based API available, you can do an awful lot!

Also, it sounds like there’s long-term plans to develop a mechanism for allowing SSH users to access more aspects of Virtualmin via the command line – but this requires a decent amount of coding to get an appropriate permissions system in place.



I want to build a PHP-based GUI which interacts with Virtualmin at the API level rather than providing my users with the Virtualmin GUI.

*** This would allow me to offer a completely branded experience, and integrate my in-house billing/support system into the overall design cleanly. ***

The goal is to completely brand the interface, and limit things to the features that are needed, while removing functionality which is not needed by the end user.

*** I suppose after thinking about it, that I could easily disable access to Virtualmin from the public, which would allow me to still login to do some administrative tasks. ***

Any further thoughts on the topic are greatly appreciated as always.

*** As mentioned already, this is experimental at the moment, as I’m testing to see how far we can take things given system and/or API limits. ***



You can certainly do all that – and you can poke around in the API docs in order to decide whether you want to use the command line or the remote API.

You can setup IP restrictions within Virtualmin to make it so that you have to be using a particular IP address (or pool of addresses) in order to log in. Or you can just block off port 10000 and use your firewall to do something similar.