Guest Resolution above 800x600

I’m running a headless Ubuntu 15.10 Server as a host.

I have Ubuntu 16.04 with LXDE running as a KVM guest.

Webmin tells me that it is running the newest version.

I have enabled high resolution graphics set to Yes under the Edit System tab in Cloudmin followed up by --std-vga under additional KVM parameters.

My Ubuntu 16.04 with LXDE KVM guest will not allow me select any resolution other than 800x600.

Can anybody help me understand how to allow a higher resolution on my LXDE KVM guest?

That sounds bug-like, if Cloudmin is calling it with --std-vga even though you don’t want that. I’d recommend filing a ticket in the tracker, with the exact command line Cloudmin is using to start your guest.

That said, we’ve generally focused on server uses of Cloudmin, so it isn’t too surprising that it wouldn’t handled graphical stuff well, yet. But, we welcome feedback on that and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be possible to run desktops in Cloudmin guests.