Groupoffice install with Virtualmin

OS type and version Ubuntu server 22.04
Webmin version latest
Virtualmin version latest

Is it possible to add to the PRO version of Virtualmin an install script for groupoffice?

I want to install Virtualmin, create a domain with email users, dns, lets encrypt etc… and then use the installer to install into /home/groupoffice directory?

If I apt-get install groupoffice it installs all over the place like /usr/share/groupoffice, /var/lib/groupoffice but the biggest concern is if you install Virtualmin on a fresh install of ubuntu then run the apt-get install groupoffice, it will not see the database user and refuses to install.

Anyone who can make a script I am willing to pay and of cause I will purchase the PR version of Virtualmin like before.

Any info would be gratefully appreciated.

I suggest you move this to the Jobs forum since you are offering to pay for the work done.


The process of installing from tarball seems quite simple, if you’d like I can install for you within your selected domain.

My rates are fair and affordable to most.

Drop me a private message or fill out my form at

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Thanks for the offer, I might take it up but I can install the tarball and get groupoffice working within a newly created virtualmin domain but thats not the problem.

The issue is groupoffice uses its own way when you log in as admin and select Postfix admin, IMAP Auth and Server Client modules that automatically creates mail boxes and stores them as virtual mail users but postfix for virtualmin doesnt see them but what I need is for GO to auto create a postfix mail user when I create a new user in GO.

Not sure if you have used GO before but just incase you havent, if you install their default:

apt-get install groupoffice groupoffice-mailserver

then select their Postfix admin, IMAP Auth and Server Client modules it all works fine and when you create a new user, it creates an email for that user for that domain but in /var/mail but I dont want that. I want it to create the mail box in the virtualmin/postfix folder /home/groupoffice/MailDir which is the directory that Postfix from virtualmin uses.

What I want is a script that installs groupoffice only (from tarball), not their mailserver into

Mail should be stored in:

Then somehow using their IMAP Auth, Postfix admin and Server Client modules create mailboxes in the virtualmin postfix not their own mailserver. So when I create a user in GO it will automatically create a postfix user/email in Virtualmin.

Does any of this make sense? hahah… I am going crazy myself trying to figure it out myself.



This implies that GO works with IMAP. You should explore this option if you want to avoid GO installing postfix in a Virtualmin environment.


Also see,_Windows_or_Mac_systems

I suggest you take up @tpnsolutions on his offer. There might be a way to install GO and integrate it with Virtualmin after all.

Thanks for the reply buddy. Yes I read the links you sent last week and did 2 installs based on it but still couldnt get it to auto create the users in the virualmin postfix from GO.

If I install virtualmin 1st and then tarball into the /home/groupoffice/public_html folder and run install without GO mailserver yes the website will open and work but I will have to manually add an email account 1st in VM postfix and then in GO admin create a user and then go to Email administration in GO and add the settings to the localhost VM postfix server, port number, username password I added before in VM postfix and it will work.

The problem is I have multiple domains using Multi Instance in GO, over 200 emails and I need to double my workload to 1st create the email in VM postfix, remember the settings and then go to GO and assign a user to that email, seems a long winded way of doing things.

Thats why I would love to have a script that does this for me (and for others who need this).

I will wait for @tpnsolutions to see if this is something he can do and I will pay him for this.

Thanks again for your input, time is valuable and I appreciate it.




Frankly, further review of the GroupOffice documentation seems to lead me to the conclusion that it was never intended to be installed in a “shared” environment. Perhaps it’s possible, but ideally it wants to be the primary service offering on the server, which makes sense since it wants to manage things its own way and likely could get “top-heavy” pretty quickly.

I’d probably recommend installing this on it’s own VPS in place of Virtualmin and just utilize the built-in scripts to manage things.

Alternatively, it appears to have an API which “possibly” could technically be used in conjunction with Virtualmin’s API potentially, allowing you to create a user in Virtualmin, then implement those settings in GroupOffice though this would also mean giving “root” level access to each install, which could lead to abuse…

*** using external users created by Virtualmin as noted in the docs means you wouldn’t get access to some advanced features in GroupOffice ***

I don’t feel there is really a “quick fix” for this at this time.

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