Grant FTP Access to All Virtual Servers (Parent and Sub)

Is there a way in “Edit Mail and FTP Users” to grant someone access to the root level FTP (to see all domains and sub-domains, like the Admin user) without making them an “Extra Admin”?

On that note, when I create an “Extra Admin” does it provide them with FTP access by default or only Virtualmin access? I tried this and it wont let me login via FTP.


I also tried creating a separate user at the sub-server level. It’s making their default “home directory” like this:


Where is the configuration that is appending the /homes/viki and how can I change this so it defaults to either the root sub-server level (above public_html) or maybe in public_html.


Sorry, one more question for ya.

When I create a FTP user, how do I define what the default naming convention is used?

For example when I created “viki” under (which is a sub-server of it creates her account as:

but I would prefer it to be (or something like that).

Thanks for the help,