GPL virtualmin on Sarge error msg

No virtual domains file was found in your Postfix configuration. Maybe no virtual domain map has been defined.

This is the msg I get when I run "re-check and refresh configuration" , but all install instructions present in : have been followed carefully …
What I miss ?

Hi Fábio,

I suspect you didn’t quite follow the adding a virtual map section correctly. It has to be “hash:/etc/postfix/virtual”. The “hash:” part has to be in there. This is the error you’ll get if you either didn’t include the “hash:” or you didn’t do the step at all.

For some reason this is a very common question. Folks just cannot believe the "hash:" has to be there. :wink:

And, just to be sure you’re looking at the docs I’m talking about here it is:

Follow those, and this error will go away.