Where do I edit the php.ini in virtualmin gpl? I don’t see any options for php in virtualmin or webmin.

I’m guessing there is no official php support for virtualmin gpl, i found the php.ini…


Yeah, by default, Virtualmin GPL uses mod_php – which has one central php.ini file under /etc.

Virtualmin Pro comes setup with a php.ini file for each Virtual Server.

You can setup something similar in the GPL version using the steps described in this thread:

I’m still stumped as to why I am getting a blank page… I’ll share my script… it works on my other server, granted I do not have the mysql database set up for this script, i at least expect a message from mysql telling me whats wrong…

I installed phpmyadmin wich in turn installed php-mysql mod… figured that would be auto installed, it wasnt… wtf

The Debian package of phpmyadmin sets it up on the “default” Apache host, which kind of has no meaning in a virtual hosting environment. You’d need to set it up on one of your active virtual hosts, or setup the “default” virtual host to be something specific so you can get to it. The way the Debian package sets things up is not really ideal, but it would be “auto installed”, if you didn’t have any virtual hosts in Apache (but, obviously, if you’re using Virtualmin, you’re going to have virtual hosts, since that’s the whole point of its existence).