Google Compute Engine and Virtualmin

HI All,

I know there is good support for EC2 and Virtualmin, including an AMI. I was just curious if anyone here is or knows of anyone successfully running Virtualmin with Google Compute Engine? I know there is no AMI, so the installation process of Virtualmin would be via the Virtualmin script, which is fine. I am just curious on anyone’s usage or experience with Google Compute.


I’m on the same boat. I have successfully installed Virtualmin. But I am yet to get the ip addresses worked out, since each compute engine instance only gets one internal IP, one external IP via DHCP and all other IPs have to be rule forwarded to Apache.

If anyone has any ideas I’d be glad to hear. Thanks

here is the doc regarding setting up forwarding:

After I have successfully installed Virtualmin I did not get access to Virtualmin. The problem was that I forgot to add a Firewall Rule to allow access to TCP:10000. As soon as I set the rule, I got access!