Google Cloud Storage

Attached is the screen at the Google Developers Console page, under APIs and Auth -> Credentials.

/virtual-server/edit_cloud.cgi?name=google could be clearer. Which email address goes in here? Mine or the one generated by the OAuth credentials. “Google account email address” is my address, but I think it means the EMAIL ADDRESS in the credentials.

This is assuming the credentials needed are from the OAuth section, in which case more information is needed to correctly fill out new credential creation (

Please advise. S3 backup has been broken for months, time to move to GCE.


Does this help EddieB? (go to Wed, 2014-12-31 15:59)

Thanks PaliGap, but I am trying to get a clear path on how it works, not trying to decipher how it works (I would if i had the time). It would be nice if the admins chimed in.