google apps not receiving mail from server


I have a weird problem.

I have a cloud server on digitalocean in which I host several domains, some of that domains have Google apps configured.

The domains using Google apps can send and receive emails just fine just as domains using the postifix server in the cloud server can also send and receive emails successfully.

The weird thing is I am not able to send an email from the server to a google apps mail account whose domain is hosted in the server.

The logs show emails are successfully sent and I get no errors, however emails never reach google apps mail accounts.

I am using virtualmin/webmin and everything seems to be correctly configured. I am able to send emails to normal gmail accounts, hotmail, etc but somehow emails sent from the hosting server never reach google apps accounts from domains hosted also in the server.

I was hopping someone could help here, some hint that could lead me to the solution.

Thank you.

If your logs indicate that the mail was delivered successfully to the destination (the remote server should reply with code 250 to the data command), there’s nothing more you can do on the sender side.

You need to make sure that the destination email is correct, that the mails don’t end up in the spam (or some other IMAP) folder, are not forwarded elsewhere instead of stored locally (one customer had that problem lately), things like that. If all else fails, you need to contact support of the destination server since they can look at the logs and see what happens to the mails.

That’s unfortunately all the generic hints I can give without seeing the concrete case for myself. :slight_smile:


Newbies fault :slight_smile: I had mail enabled for the domains I had configured google apps, when I disabled the mail feature from these domains everything worked.