Going to use Google Apps for all my mailing needs. What packages I should turn off?

As I’ve put in the subject. I am not going to allow anyone on my server to use mail or mailing lists locally, all the virtual hosts are going to use Google Apps, which includes Gmail’s support for for the domains.

In this case, do I need the following packages at all:


Can I remove them without harming the functionality of my CentOS+Virtualmin installation or do them (or samoe of them) have to be there and activated for proper functioning some php scripts for example? Which ones I can remove for sure?



I wouldn’t actually recommend removing the packages, as they’re listed as dependencies of the Virtualmin package.

You can, however, disable any service you don’t want.

I might suggest keeping the Postfix service running if any of your websites need to send email, as well as to allow notifications via cron to work.


That sounds not good, I wouldn’t want to let my server consume more resources than it actually needs just because of dependencies of Virtualmin. But in this case, seems, I have to respect your warning and leave everything intact. Thanks!

P.S. Isn’t there any way to safely remove those dependencies of Virtualadmin in my box?


Well, we’re just talking about a few megs of disk space, you aren’t losing out of RAM or CPU so long as you disable the services you aren’t using.

However, those dependencies are setup as dependencies of the Virtualmin package, it’s not possible to safely remove those without causing problems next time you try to install/upgrade Virtualmin.