Global Command to Automatically Delete Spam

I thought I had all my virtual domains setup to automatically delete spam after 5 days… apparently not. Is there a global command I can run to make sure all account are set up that way?


That setting can be enabled for new Virtual Servers in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Spam Filtering.

For existing Virtual Servers, the setting can be tweaked by going into Server Configuration -> Spam and Virus Delivery.

The command that runs once a day to handle all that is “/etc/webmin/virtual-server/” – that should be part of root’s crontab.


Ok, but no command line I can run?

I have a couple hundred virtual domains I would need to check one by one.


Ok, got it - fast and easy!

virtualmin modify-spam --all-domains --spamclear-days 5


Here’s what happened…

About a month ago, my under powered server had crossed a performance threshold and I was searching for ways to keep the load and swap under control. I found a thread on this forum that gave a global command to switch off spam filtering for each virtual domain, which I did. Shortly after I upgraded the server and then ran the command globally to switch spam filtering back on. I believe that is when I lost the setting for each account to delete spam after five days.

I can’t seem to find the post that had the command, but this is why I’ve been asking if there’s a global command that includes the 5 day delete option.


Edit: Here it is: virtualmin disable-feature --spam --virus --all-domains