Getting POP3 to work


I’m really new to administrating a server: got a VPS recently and now am setting up my sites with Webmin and Virtualmin.

So, I cannot get POP3 to work. I’m not even sure what programs exactly are needed. I have Sendmail Mail Server running, also Fetchmail Mail Retrieval. I sent a test e-mail to one of my e-mail addresses on the new server, and I see it has arrived successfully and I can read it in “Read User Mail”. But I cannot read it with my Outlook. :frowning:

I entered the pop server as (let’s say is my domain), and I entered user.server as the log in name. I copied the password exactly as displayed on “Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL) -> -> Edit Mail and FTP Users -> user -> Password … Show”.

When I try to receive the mail in Outlook, it asks me for the password all the time and do not accept what I paste.

Then I went to Un-used modules and installed Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server, although I’m not sure if I need it as Outlook already had POP connection, only the authentication did not succeed (-ERR something). I then enabled POP3 (SSL) and started it.

Now when I tried to receive mail in Outlook, it asked me if I really want to use the unconfirmable certificate, and I said yes. And then I get back to the previous problem: it asks me for the password again and again and won’t authenticate.

Are there any suggestions for this problem?

Thank you!

when you copied the password, did it also copy a space at the end (making the password wrong)?


You may also want to take a peek in your mail log for additional messages – either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log.


Thank you both for considering the situation and for the replies! Those logs will surely be useful sometime.

But now, all of a sudden, it is logging in OK. It might be so because I’ve restarted Outlook now. Not sure.

So, was Dovecot necessary or not?..

dovecot is pop3/imap server for your client (thunderbird/outlook) to retrieve the mail from