Getting Mail Relay to work

Hi there!
Since a client hosts its own mail server at the company, I disabled the mail service in virtualmin and changed the MX record. So far so good. However he would like me to act as a mail relay. I noticed Virtualmin has a module for that, so I installed it. Problem is, I can’t activate it, cause I get the following error:
Failed to save enabled features : The plugin Mail Relay cannot be used : The Postfix configuration does not have any Transport Mapping tables defined
Can someone tell me how I need to setup Postfix for this to work? I have no experience at all with mail relaying and don’t want to mess up anything…


Configuring it such that Virtualmin actually does spam and virus scanning before relaying it can be a bit on the tricky side :slight_smile:

For starters though, there’s some docs on setting up the mail relay plugin here:,mail_relaying_with_virtualmin/

It’s fairly straight forward to just relay emails elsewhere… it only gets tricky when you want to do spam and virus scanning first.

For that, it won’t actually work with Postfix at the moment.

However, take a peek at the docs there, and if you have any questions, feel free to yell :slight_smile:


I wonder why I didn’t find that documentation page, cause I swear, I searched!
Anyway, there is a bug. I set the default hostname for relaying in the default server template, however the other templates seem to ignore that, even if the option there is set to “default” and so should inherit from the default template. I had to add the hostname to the specific template as well to make it work for the domain…
Anyway, great, I can offer relaying now :slight_smile:

I’ll be totally honest with you, the organization of the documentation here is rather “sub-par”. Even I can’t find stuff. I ended up just going to Google and searching for it :slight_smile: However, one of these days, I’ll get with Joe about reorganizing this stuff here, and maybe that will make this a bit easier for all of us :slight_smile:

As far as bugs go – if you see any, feel free to report those using the Support link above. The mail relay plugin doesn’t get the same sort of use other Virtualmin components get, so problems you’re running into may have been overlooked by others using it.


yeh, i had problems with postgre and the documentation about databases is kind of broken, page not found etc…
i reported the little bug with the mail relay setting in the bug tracker…
btw, i still have virtualmin 3.76… is it normal that 3.77 is still not in the repo? ws released like over two weeks ago or something :stuck_out_tongue:

If enabled relay - plugin should search /etc/postfix/virtual and put # marks before all lines regarding relaying-domain. Without that - all mails from local domains are accepted.