Getting error in matomo when changing php mode

hello, I am using matomo analytics on the server but I’m getting some permissions error when changing Virtualmin PHP mode to FCGId

The directory "/tmp/cache/tracker/" is not writable

after reading some docs on apache they are telling me
“If you run httpd 2.4, you should consider PHP-FPM

but Virtualmin is setting up my server so FCGId is the default for all accounts, should FCGId be deprecated and make PHP-FPM the default?

changing between fcgid and fpm has no visible effect, phpinfo is saying “Server API FPM/FastCGI”

Which PHP versions are available on your system?

does that directory exist? permissions? usually tmp/ used, is in matomo installation, eg: public_html/tmp/cache/tracker .

Debian 10 ( php 7.3)

yes that directory exists and it has a 775 permission

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